Charity C.

Curves of Petoskey/Bear Creek, MI

After having my first child at age 40 and gaining 35 pounds, I felt unattractive and lethargic.  As my daughter grew, so did her energy—but mine seemed to decline. Chasing her around, toting the car seat, and tackling the constant onslaught of household chores left me exhausted and apathetic. Even cooking meals for my family became a chore. I would often skip meals myself or eat what my daughter didn’t. On days when I felt bad about myself or my life, I would binge. When my husband’s job relocated our family far from our hometown and friends and family, I fell further into depression.

One day I came to the realization that the only person who could help me was me. I joined Curves, and I’ve begun the most wonderful journey—one that I plan to stay on for a very long time.

I admit that at first I was scared of failing, but I soon found that I wasn’t alone—other woman felt the same and had similar goals. I committed to working out three days a week and then increased to five. I was losing weight and making friends. My Curves coach is so encouraging. She pushes me to be my very best every day at Curves and at home, and the other members have become family. We cheer each other on, sing, laugh, and even dance on occasion.

I eat three or more healthy meals and snacks a day and am 5 pounds away from my goal pre-pregnancy weight. I feel confident, sexy, and energetic. Now my 4-year-old daughter is chasing me around!

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We cheer each other on, sing, laugh, and even dance on occasion.