Carolyn R.

Curves of Willis, TX

In 2002, I injured my back and with limited mobility after surgery, I had to consider either a walker or a wheelchair. I also found out I had osteoporosis and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. After years of taking prescriptions to strengthen my bones, tests showed that my bones became weaker, not stronger. I decided to take my health into my own hands and I started walking, joined a health club and took Pilates classes. With little results, my piano teacher told me about Curves.

I called, made an appointment, and joined Curves in December 2011. It was the most difficult endeavor I’d tried, but after 30 days, I noticed an improvement and felt my strength starting to return. I started Curves Complete, and the excess weight started coming off. I was feeling much better, physically and mentally.

In 2012, my mother became very ill, and was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer. I also ended up breaking my wrist in 2013, but I would still get up at 5 AM, complete morning chores, go to therapy, and drive 26 miles to mom’s house. Even with all the challenges presented, I maintained going to Curves 3 times a week while wearing a cast.

In my 5 years of regular attendance at Curves, I’ve lost and kept the 20 lbs.*** off. I’ve eliminated the osteoporosis and am no longer considered pre-diabetic. I try to be an example to other women and encourage them to not give up. I tell them to continue with their workouts, take the challenge, don’t miss a day, eat healthy, love life, and do it for themselves to be strong Curves women. I am so happy I did it! Look at me—I am a very happy woman who is stronger and enjoying her life.

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I am a very happy woman who is stronger and enjoying her life.