Caroline S.

Curves of Wytheville, VA

Curves initially came into my life while I was living and performing on stage in Philadelphia, PA. This was in 2007, and one day when I stepped on the scale, I weighed in at 199. I knew that I couldn’t hit 200 pounds, I just couldn’t. The next day, there was a Curves flyer in my mailbox…how ironic, thank you Lord. I went that day and joined in the 30-day challenge where I lost 5 pounds, several inches***, but most importantly ­­I felt great and loved it too!

Over the next 5 months in 2007, I lost 30 pounds***, but life changed in Philly and I took work in Wytheville, VA at a dinner theatre, that later led to a National tour. After the tour, I went on to become a Curves circuit coach/manager and continued to chip away at the pounds while adding to my self-confidence. Fast forward 5 years with immense personal growth, Curves was still at the forefront, helping me realize my healthy potential, and offering the opportunity for international travel. I returned to the states, met a man, and we bought a Curves in February 2012.

With every day that passes and every hard fought pound lost, be it myself (in total, I lost 60 lbs*** over 9 months) or any one of my 500 members or staff—­­ I’m proud! I’m so proud in fact, that I brag about my members and the 702 lbs and 477 inches lost during the Curves Strong Women Challenge!

It’s a feeling like I’ve never had before knowing that I’m making a difference in someone’s life. Not only that, but I strive to be more knowledgeable on all things nutrition and exercise, to strengthen my arsenal against the war on obesity.

I’m driven by every inch lost, pound dropped, medicine reduced, pants size down, 5k ran, garden bed weeded, grandkids thrown, abs felt and every other act of a member’s quality of life enhanced! It’s not an option to fail, because I feel a personal obligation to connect with people and make them feel good about themselves. Why me? Why not! I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh and feel good. My goal as a coach has always been clear and concise—give people the tools they need to succeed, and push them to use these tools in order to become the person that I know they will be. For me, seeing someone succeed at their goals and the enormous challenge that it often takes to get there, are my drive to do this every day.

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It’s a feeling like I’ve never had before knowing that I’m making a difference in someone’s life.