Carmella S.

Curves of Acworth, GA

“Trust the journey!” When you think of a journey, you will experience all types of terrain, different conditions, unexpected circumstances, good and bad. I walked into Curves on a two-week trial with several pounds to lose. Having reached my highest weight of 217 pounds and recently being placed on blood pressure medication, it was time for a change!

Prior to Curves, I ate based on what I desired. The Curves Complete Meal Plan gave me the tools to learn how to plan meals and aided me adjusting my attitude toward food. It also helped me realize that everything needs to be put in perspective.


A major challenge came when I began to deal with arthritic symptoms around my knee. This presented an obstacle to doing my circuit training. For almost two weeks, I was unable to do strength training. My coach encouraged me to stay on my meal plan. Once I was released to return to my workout, the strength training aided in building the muscles in my knee. Eventually, I was able to go back to doing 5k walks. This had never been an activity I even attempted prior to joining Curves.


A little less than 3 years since I joined Curves, my life has been transformed. I lost a total of 45 pounds*** and gained a new mindset, a different outlook on how I view food and exercise. My blood pressure is under control. I have learned that this process is a journey, not a sprint. I’m more confident, and no longer bound by perceived limits. I have even become brave enough to put my artwork on display and was exhibited at a local art gallery.


I would like to thank my Curves Coach for her dedication to teaching, encouraging, guiding, “talking me off the ledge” and staying faithful. It is because of her encouragement as well as the support from family, friends and Curves that I have accomplished reaching my goals.

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I’m more confident, and no longer bound by perceived limits.