Brenda L.

Curves of North Platte, NE

I had always had weight problems, but after two foot surgeries, I was 346 pounds and my health was beginning to suffer. My father had died of heart disease and my sister and brother passed from heart disease as a complication from Type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis eight years ago. My blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol were marginal to high. I was in pain most of the time and could barely walk a few steps without suffering.

When I started, I could hardly walk 3,000 steps a day and they were pain filled steps. I had just had my 54th birthday and I did not want to be overweight anymore. In June 2015, my Curves journey began.

Now after 17 months, I walk an average of 20,000 to 25,000 steps each day, pain ­free. I have challenged myself to walk 10,000 steps by 10am. At my most recent annual physical this year, my blood pressure was 112/68. My blood glucose was 68 and my cholesterol was 179. When I started, my BMI was 63.28, it is now 27.*** My doctor was ecstatic, he said that I have added at least 5 years to my life. I no longer take prescriptions for RA or pain. The only prescription that I still take is for hypothyroidism and that has been reduced because my doctor said that my body is functioning so much better.

My quality of life has been improved not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Mentally, I have grown in my knowledge of healthy living and meal planning. I have become very organized in structuring my food, such as when to eat each day by logging everything into the Curves Complete website. Emotionally, I am able to recognize and manage stress triggers that had caused me to overeat in the past. By naming feelings as either sad, mad, glad or fear, I can deal with my emotions more effectively. Physically, I am healthier and pain-free with more energy and an anticipation for the start of each new day. Spiritually, I have become more aware of how God can use me to inspire and help others in their journeys to become healthier and lose weight. Thanks Curves for the new me.

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My doctor was ecstatic, he said that I have added at least 5 years to my life.