May 27, 2015

When Samantha Olson hit 212 pounds, she found herself embarrassed and frustrated with her size – and knew she had to make a lifestyle change to get her weight under control for good.

So the 35-year-old began exercising three times per week and started following a strict meal plan to shed the excess weight. Over two years, the 5-foot-1 mom lost an impressive 80 pounds!

"I am stronger, healthier and more confident than I have ever been in my life... and can keep up with my son!" Samantha, who now weighs 132 pounds, exclusively told Closer Weekly of her weight loss journey.

Read on to find out how Samantha successfully lost the weight!

  • What was your life like before the weight loss?

I was always heavier than others and was ridiculed and shunned because of it. Over the years, I've tried diet after diet with no lasting results. I felt constantly judged by those around me and was fully aware that people looked at me with disgust. Climbing stairs was painful, and I was often out of breath and struggled chasing after my son. Coupled with the stress of my job, I had a realization that my lifestyle was going to eventually kill me if something didn't change.

How did you get started with your weight loss journey?

My cousin joined Curves and was losing weight, so I decided to give the program a try. I started exercising three times per week under the brand's fitness program and later began following their meal plan. I lost 25 pounds right away. Measuring my food and realizing how much I was eating was sobering. Planning meals ahead is so important. I have a stressful, full-time job and a preschooler, so I prepare all of my food for the week on Sundays. This saves time and keeps me from making bad diet choices. I now work out at Curves three to four times per week and often try to additionally exercise during my lunch hour at work!

  • What are the most difficult aspects of losing the weight?

Diet and exercise are just half the battle. Curves gave me the tools to succeed, but I had to be ready to make a lifestyle change and have the motivation to stick with the program in order to achieve my weight loss goals. It's so easy to get discouraged, but you have to keep pushing through and look at the big picture.

  • How doe sit feel now that you've lost the weight?

I am stronger, healthier and more confident than I have ever been in my life...and can keep up with my son! People I don't even know in my office building have stopped me and told me how great I look and how amazing they think I am because they see me running or strength training and pushing myself every day.

See the article here or at Closer Weekly.

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