The personalized
platform to track and
manage your workouts and nutrition.

Looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale are obvious ways to tell if you're making progress toward your goals. But it's often hard to know exactly what's contributing to your success on a daily basis.

Curves Complete® helps plan and perfect your nutrition, giving you an exceptional understanding of the way your daily actions affect your energy level, how you feel and your ability to lose weight.***


Hungry for healthy meal ideas? No problem. We've got an
entire library of Curves Complete-friendly recipes.

Grocery Lists

Generate shopping lists based on your customized Meal Plans.

Success & Measures

The best motivation is seeing yourself succeed. Keep up on
your progress with feedback that shows your work is paying off.***

Motivational Content

Get your daily dose of motivation with our library of content
from articles on health and nutrition, cooking demonstrations
and more.


Interact with a lively community of women with similar goals, struggles and successes. Curves Complete is a supportive sisterhood of women doing their best to be their best.

Tracking Meals

Curves Complete provides a meal plan that's customized to your preferences. Meet with your Curves coach to choose your meals each week, and review trends over time. Plus, if you need to swap out meals, It's easy to do so online.

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