Feed the Hungry, Nourish Your Soul
February 23, 2015

Carol Olson, supervisor of the food pantry at St. James United Methodist Church in Danville, Illinois, tells about the time a mom, dad, and son were leaving St. James pushing a shopping cart heaped with food.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day the Healthy Way
February 18, 2015
Everyone has a little bit of Irish blood when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around each year! And it’s such a festive holiday to celebrate, why shouldn’t we all join in the fun?
Augie’s Quest and You
January 26, 2015
Augie Nieto fell again and again while water skiing. Most of us wouldn’t think twice about tumbling while trying to remain upright on skis skimming the water’s surface behind a speedboat.
3 Winter Girls’ Night Ideas
November 17, 2014
As everyone gets busy with holiday and New Year’s celebrations during the winter months, don’t forget to coordinate a few fun events with your friends!