Beth Nickels and Family: Stronger Together

Beth Nickels and Family: Stronger Together
Claire Kowalchik
From left to right: Karen Bartoszek, Briana Nickels, Beth Nickels and Marcella Sturm
In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re introducing you to Curves members who share a love for the circuit with their mother (or daughter)! 
Beth Nickels is the youngest of seven children raised on a farm in Jamestown, Michigan. Four of the siblings and their families live on that farm today. So it’s quite fitting that Beth, her mother, Marcella Sturm, sister Karen Bartoszek, and daughter Briana Nickels belong to the same Curves and work out together as often as they can. 
“I joined in January of ’02,” says Beth, “and my mom joined in 2011. It’s great working out with no mirrors or men, and we really enjoy the community. My mom loves the social aspect. She had an accident in April of last year and the ladies really missed her.” Marcella, who’s 88, had to undergo brain surgery as a result of the accident, and the doctors “were floored,” says Beth, at how well she came through it. “When mom first came back to Curves, she could only do one circuit, but all the members cheered for her when she finished.”
Karen joined the Wyoming club three years ago, and last year, Beth encouraged her daughter, age 19, to join, knowing it would benefit Briana’s health. It’s also deepened her relationship with her grandmother. “Briana loves working out with her grandmother,” says Beth. “We all enjoy the experience of going to Curves together. Each of us can work out at our own level, and it’s a fun catch-up time.”
Traveling frequently for work, Beth doesn’t get to catch up as often, but her mom, daughter, and sister work out together all the time. Still, Beth checks in to ask if they’ve gone. “We’re good encouragement for each other,” she says. “There’s accountability. We’re stronger together.
“We’ve always been a strong family unit,” continues Beth. And that’s the legacy that her mother has passed on and which she hopes to pass on to her daughter. “It’s not easy these days to continue that family unit,” Beth says wittingly, “but it’s not how much money you have or how many things or the new car, it’s family and the experiences you have that matter.”
And Briana? Ever eager to go to Curves with her mom, aunt, and grandmother—she clearly knows what matters most. 
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