Exercise Tips for Women Over 50 - From Curves
September 16, 2014
Although we all understand the benefits of daily exercise, women over the age of 50 in particular may need to take some additional measures and precautions before engaging in a new exercise regimen.
Think of Exercise as Fun, and You'll Eat Less Later
September 11, 2014

Remember recess? You crisscrossed the school-yard, chasing besties and butterflies and bad guys with joyful, heart-pounding abandon, and you embraced all that movement as your reward for languishing in class all morning.

Cardio Basics For New Moms
September 10, 2014
There’s more to getting your groove back than just getting to the gym—we know that.
5 Bad Fitness Habits to Break This Week
September 03, 2014
Being consistent with your workout regimen will help you stay in great shape for the long-run. However, sticking with a routine that is getting sub-par results could make you frustrated and likely to give up too soon. 


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