Muscle Spotlight: Glutes
April 12, 2016
We have many pet names for our backsides – booty, fanny, tush … but no matter what we call it, our buttocks play a critical role in our musculoskeletal health and ability to function properly.
How Strength Training Can Help You Manage Your Weight
April 01, 2016

 An important variable in any weight management equation is calorie burn. While what you eat significantly affects how many pounds you carry on your figure by controlling calories in, how you exercise makes a difference in calories out.

April 01, 2016

On Mother’s Day, we think of flower arrangements, chocolates, and sentimental homemade cards. On top of these delightful gifts from others, this Mother’s Day, consider giving yourself a gift, too—a gift in the form of strength training.

Curves Circuit, Curves Workouts, Curves, April 2016
April 01, 2016

April is a wonderful time to SPRING into fitness with Curves! Our circuit is designed to help you build strength, balance and flexibility, all in 30 minutes per session. Let’s sneak a peek at two featured Curves workout moves:

March 01, 2016
It’s the other half—your lower half—that’s the focus of the specialty Body Basics Legs+ Class* at Curves.


Summer of Strength