Jackie Dillon
Weight loss 48lbs East Richardson, TX

“I feel like I approach life with a more positive and ‘can-do’ attitude.”

Jackie was always a little chubby, about 15-20 pounds heavier than average. As a child she played outside with friends, but as a teen she became more sedentary. Her parents placed no restrictions on what she ate, so her go-to after school snack was chips and cookies. Food was especially comforting during stressful times.

Shortly after her marriage, Jackie became pregnant and literally “ate for two” the entire nine months. Three children later, Jackie’s routine consisted of teaching high school and carpooling her kiddos to their activities. When grading papers at night, she returned to her old snacking habits of chips and cookies. Finally reaching 190 pounds, Jackie’s cholesterol climbed to 224 and she experienced back pain and arthritis in her hips and knees. In January 2012 she was ready to do something about it, so she joined the East Richardson Curves and immediately started Curves Complete.

The hardest part for Jackie was giving up the unhealthy snacks and desserts. She incorporated more lean protein and veggies with every meal, and substituted water for soda. Week by week, Jackie was encouraged as she lost weight. She even instituted family walks on weekends. Since starting Curves Complete, Jackie’s cholesterol is below 200 and she’s lost 48 pounds. She couldn’t be happier and says, “You have to keep a mental mindset of ‘you can do it’. Think in terms of long-term success instead of short-term failure.”

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