Recipe: Orange-Ginger Carrot Soup with Grilled Cheese Triangles

February 01, 2016

This bright, flavorful soup is perfect for the last cold days before spring. Orange-Ginger Carrot Soup with Grilled Cheese TrianglesTotal Time 65 minutes Calories per serving 425 Servings 1 Ingredients1 tsp olive oil 1/4 med ...

Recipe: Shrimp & Turkey Sausage Paella

February 01, 2016

This is a hearty, protein-packed meal for lunch or dinner!Shrimp & Turkey Sausage PaellaTotal Time 70 minutes Calories per serving 408 Servings  Ingredients2 oz turkey sausage, Italian, uncooked1 tsp olive oil ½ cu ...

Recipe: Cabbage Soup with Brown Rice

January 04, 2016

This is not your mother’s cabbage soup. To save time, buy pre-sliced raw carrots, frozen or fresh chopped onions, and jarred minced garlic.  Recipe: Cabbage Soup with Brown Rice Ingredients:1/2 tsp canola oil4 oz 95% lean ground ...

Recipe: Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes

January 04, 2016

The roasted tomatoes in this dish are absolutely delicious!  Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes Ingredients: 6 oz tomatoes1 T olive oil1/2 T herbs de Provence1 tsp Worcestershire sauce1 1/4 whole chicken breast1 T shallot1/2 T red wine ...

Recipe: Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Parmesan

December 01, 2015

 A note from our chef: "I thought it would be a great idea to provide some healthy side dishes this month to accompany your meals. After preparing this I asked my husband to taste it. He said, “but I don’t even really like Bruss ...

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