Recipe: Chicken & Basil Pesto Pizza

August 27, 2015

This "pizza" crust is actually a tortilla! Enjoy a lighter way to serve up this Mediterranean-inspired dish.  Chicken & Basil Pesto Pizza Prep time: 30 minutes Ingredients:3/4 whole Chicken Breast2 T Basil Pesto Sauc ...

Recipe: Mushroom – Cheddar Scramble

August 04, 2015

Looking for a filling breakfast? You found it! This hearty scramble delivers 35 grams of protein to keep you full all morning.  Mushroom-Cheddar ScramblePrep time: 15 minutes Ingredients:½ cup mushrooms¼ medium onion1 cup ...

Recipe: Grilled Pork Chop with Wild Rice

July 21, 2015

With only four ingredients and four steps, this is a quick and satisfying meal anyone can make. Grilled Pork Chop with Wild RicePrep time: 20 minutes Ingredients:1 tsp olive oil¼ cup wild rice (dry)10 spears raw asparagus5 oz pork lo ...

Recipe: Asian Salad with ‘Chik'n’ & Mandarin Oranges

July 07, 2015

This refreshing salad will kick your salty cravings to the curb and fill you up with non-meat protein, too.  Asian Salad with ‘Chik'n’ & Mandarin OrangesPrep time: 20 minutes Ingredients:4 whole green onions 4 ...

Recipe: Beef Skewers with Grilled Corn

June 23, 2015

This traditional summer dish is sure to please adults and kids alike. Fire up the grill and break out those skewers! Beef Skewers with Grilled Corn Prep time: 20 minutes Ingredients:4 oz beef sirloin1/2 medium bell pepper2 cherry tomat ...

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