Cleveland Clinic and Curves Overview

November 08, 2013

Cleveland Clinic is an integrated healthcare delivery system with local, national and international reach. Cleveland Clinic is a nonprofit, multispecialty academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. In 2013, Cleveland Clinic was once again ranked as one of America’s top 4 hospitals in U.S News & World Report’s annual ‘America’s Best Hospitals” survey. 2013 also marks the 19th consecutive year of Cleveland Clinic’s ranking as number 1 in the nation for heart care.

Curves and Cleveland Clinic share a mission of health, wellness, and prevention, as well as the belief that a healthy population is more productive and requires less health care. Together they have established the Cleveland Clinic Certification program that is exclusive to Curves. Cleveland Clinic also houses a groundbreaking integrated wellness program for its employees, of which Curves is an important component.

Certification Program
One-on-one coaching is at the heart of the Curves Complete program. Each and every Curves Complete Coach completes the Cleveland Clinic Certification, and undergoes rigorous training including a comprehensive workshop and extensive testing. This empowers the Curves Coach to ensure the member is challenged and is meeting their weight loss and health goals in a safe, effective way. The Cleveland Clinic Certification is based on “behavior modification,” or teaching participants how to change their habits to incorporate healthy choices in their day-to-day lives, thus creating a lifetime of health. Curves Complete participants meet with their Cleveland Clinic certified Curves Coach each week and receive a convenient, easy to follow sheet outlining their plan, including their food choices for each meal and snack, exercise goals, water and vitamin goals, and motivation goals. And, there is always a Curves Coach inside the Circuit to help fitness participants.

Wellness Program
In November 2008, the Cleveland Clinic began offering free Curves memberships to its staff as part of its employee wellness program. Since implementing this groundbreaking integrated wellness program for its employees, of which Curves fitness and weight loss are integral components, Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan has avoided $4 in healthcare costs for each dollar it has invested in Wellness. Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan’s wellness program is innovative and unique in its scale and scope. The healthcare system has made a strategic decision to fund fitness and weight management programs, along with other wellness initiatives such as preventative care and smoking cessation. Cleveland Clinic's executive leadership is jointly committed to investing in the health and wellness of its employees.

Cleveland Clinic continues to lead the way in changing how major organizations and health plans approach health and wellness initiatives. Curves is proud to be an integral component of this work. Our ultimate shared goal is to demonstrate quantitative and qualitative benefits of both increased employee health and decreased healthcare costs, prompting other organizations to adopt similar programs.

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