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Curves International, Inc. is the largest fitness center chain in the world for women and is famous for its Fitness Program — a 30-minute Circuit with a Coach that works every major muscle group with strength-training, cardio and stretching.

The first Curves was opened in 1992 as a fitness and weight-loss facility designed especially for women. In a relatively short amount of time, Curves grew to become the largest fitness franchise in the world, helping women in over 90 countries lead healthier lives. The reason for Curves' success is the practical approach to women's diet and fitness that’s perfectly in keeping with the modern woman’s busy schedule — combined with a supportive center environment. We invite women of all shapes, sizes and ages to lose weight, become stronger and reach their health goals at Curves.**

In 2012, we added Curves Complete® to our fitness-only offering, the total weight-loss solution that combines Fitness, Meal Plan and Coaching. Curves Complete helps women lose weight*** within our terrific community of women. From the beginning, Curves has been designed specifically for women and designed to be different than any fitness center or gym. It’s been that way for more than 20 years. And we know you’ll love it.

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Director of Public Relations
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