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August 22, 2014

The beginning of fall is definitely a time of transition. If you have kids, they are back in school. And if you don’t have kids the “back to school” vibe still hangs in the air. There’s something about September that makes gro ...

How to Start a New Exercise Program

August 19, 2014

The key to making your exercise program work for you is consistency. You need to choose a program and schedule that you can see yourself sticking with for weeks and months at a time. You'll also need to make some tweaks to your current lifestyle ...

Take Time for Yourself at Curves

August 22, 2014

If you’re a busy wife and mother you understand the challenges of spending quality "me" time. Long baths by candlelight and curling up with a good book are often sacrificed for soccer games, dental appointments and picking up the dry ...

7 Ways to Reach your Fitness Goals Before the End of the Year

August 22, 2014

How well did you stick to the fitness resolutions you made on January 1? If you got side-tracked and haven't made much progress with exercise routines, it's not too late to get things going. The few months left in this year can be a great tim ...

Jillian's Blog: Keep It Simple

August 11, 2014

I am the first person to agree that it isn’t easy to get fit. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news—but once you lose weight it isn’t easy to keep it off. There are always temptations and days when you drop your guard. But hey, yo ...

Healthy Goal-Setting for New Moms

July 31, 2014

You have a new baby, so everything is feeling a little different right now! But eventually the dust will settle and (even though it may seem hard to believe right now) life will take on a pretty regular rhythm. The baby will sleep full nights. You wi ...

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